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New SEC Approves Ease Access to Exhibits in SEC Filings

On March 1, 2017, the SEC voted to adopt rule and form amendments that impact SEC Filings. The SEC’s new rules make it easier to locate and access exhibits in registration statements such as Form S-1 and periodic… Read More

SEC Late Filers 101 – Going Public Attorneys

It’s that time of year again when companies filing reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) that have a December 31st year end, must file their annual report on Form 10-K. Recent enforcement actions against SEC filers and insiders… Read More

The Going Public Lawyer’s Dictionary

The Going Public Lawyer’s Dictionary was created to assist companies to become familiar with certain terms they will encounter during their going public transaction.  It is crucial that you understand and can speak the going public lingo!

Raising Capital and Going Public Guide 2014

There are two primary sets of federal securities laws that come into play when a company wants to offer and sell its securities and go public. These are the Securities Act of 1933 (“Securities Act”), and the Securities Exchange Act of… Read More

SEC Chairman Mary Jo White Addresses SEC Disclosure Requirements

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog On October 15, 2013, Mary Jo White, new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), delivered a speech before the National Association of Corporate Directors.  She chose to discuss possible changes in SEC… Read More

How Does a Company Bring SEC Filings Current?

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) imposes ongoing disclosure obligations that include an obligation to file periodic reports on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission… Read More