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SEC Subpoenas 101 – Securities Attorneys

Receiving a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) subpoena is a new and uncomfortable experience for most market participants. A SEC subpoena is an indication that the Division of Enforcement is investigating potential violations of the federal securities laws. SEC subpoenas… Read More

SEC Charges Eric Van Nguyen, Jay Fung and Anthony Thompson

On November 17, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) charged three penny stock promoters with conducting pump-and-dump schemes involving stocks they were touting in purported independent newsletters.  The SEC alleges that Anthony Thompson, Jay Fung, and… Read More

Section 12 – Termination of Registration and Trading Suspensions

Securities Law Blog SEC proceedings for registration revocations and trading suspensions have become somewhat common in the microcap markets since the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) started its Operation Shell Expel initiative.  Proceedings under Section 12(j) are frequently initiated… Read More