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Selling Shareholder Form S-1 Disclosures

Companies going public with Form S-1 or Regulation A + have a variety of structures for their transactions. Companies can sell shares in reliance upon Rule 506 of Regulation D and file a selling shareholder registration statement with the Securities and… Read More

Form S-1 Disclosure and SEC Reporting Requirements

Form S-1 is the most commonly used registration statement form.  It allows issuers to register various types of offerings and the form can be used by both public and private companies engaged in going public transactions. A registration statement… Read More

Form S-1 Going Public Bootcamp – 2018 – Form S-1 Lawyer

The process of “going public” with a Form S-1 registration statement is complex and at times precarious.  While going public offers many benefits it also comes with risks and quantities of regulations with which issuers must become familiar.   It is important for issuers… Read More

Form S-1 Disclosure and SEC Reporting Requirements for Material Changes

Issuers filing registration statements using a direct public offering in  their going public transactions must comply with the disclosure requirements of Form S-1. These include Item 11A of Form S-1 as set forth below. Form S-1 Item 11A Material Changes If… Read More

Form S-1 Registration Statement Filing Requirements

Private companies seeking to raise capital often file a Registration Statement on SEC Form S-1 or Offering Circular on Form 1-A pursuant to Regulation A+ in connection with their going public transaction.  Both options have unique benefits. For Example, All companies qualify to register… Read More

Going Public Using a Form S-1 Registration Statement

Going Public Using a Form S-1- 2018 Private companies going public commonly use a registration statement (“Registration Statement”) on Form S-1 under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”). When a Form S-1 Registration Statement is… Read More

Form S-1 Filing Requirements, Filing Form S-1, S-1 Offering, S-1 …

Going public  using Form S-1 or Form 1-A allows issuers to chose from a variety of offering structures. Private companies seeking to raise capital often file a registration statement on SEC Form S-1 or Form 1-A of Regulation in connection with their… Read More

FAST Reduces Form S-1 Rules & Creates Resale Exemption

Last month, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or FAST Act became law. The FAST Act is primarily a transportation bill but there are changes to the federal securities laws which should assist in the capital raising process… Read More

How Do I Register A Direct Public Offering?

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog Private companies seeking to go public often use a direct public offering (“Direct Public Offering”).  Unlike an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”), a Direct Public Offering allows an issuer to sell its shares directly to investors without… Read More

Filing a Form S-1 Registration Statement? Going Public Lawyers

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog A registration statement on Form S-1 can be used to register various types of securities offerings and transactions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).   Form S-1 provides issuers with flexibility in the types of securities that can be… Read More