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How to Spot a Penny Stock Scam

Have you ever played a penny stock?  Or invested in one you believed or hoped was real, perhaps even the Next Big Thing?  If so, you probably know the roads in Pennyland are full of potholes.  Many of… Read More

Operation Shell Expel in Retrospect

When Jay Clayton was sworn in as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in May 2017, he was perceived as a business-friendly choice.  While he is indeed committed to creating new opportunities for public companies and… Read More

Medbox & The License to Swindle – Peter Berney Shells

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go We were recently asked to review a penny stock company called Medbox Inc. (MDBX).  The Medbox story has been of considerable interest over the past two years, for the most part because… Read More

The Going Public Attorney & Due Diligence – Going Public Attorneys

A company’s going public lawyer must conduct proper due diligence in order to draft required disclosures during the going public process.  These expansive disclosure requirements apply to private companies going public.  During the going public process, companies must generally provide expansive… Read More

What is a SEC Trading Suspension?

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 authorizes the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to issue a trading suspension for up to ten business days. The SEC will order a trading suspension if it determines it is necessary… Read More

Reverse Mergers l The Game Changers

Shell brokers continue to tout the virtues of reverse merger transactions, despite recent rule changes that eliminate many if not all of the benefits once conferred by them.  Seeking to persuade clients to use their services, these promoters… Read More

Reverse Merger Bootcamp l Going Public Attorneys

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog Over recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) have overhauled the rules and regulations applicable to reverse merger transactions. Not only have the SEC and FINRA… Read More

Can I List On the OTC Pinks Using a Reverse Merger? Going Public Lawyers

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog One way for private companies to go public is through a Reverse Merger (“Reverse Merger”) with a public shell company.  Securities regulators tend to look askance at Reverse Mergers, fearing they may be used as vehicles… Read More

DTC Proposes Procedures For DTC Chills and Global Locks

The Depository Trust Company is a subsidiary of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corpora­tion (“DTCC”), and is the central securities depository in the U.S. The SEC, the Federal Reserve System and the New York State Department of Financial… Read More

SEC Prevents Corporate Hijackings By Suspending Zombie Tickers

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog On June 24, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) instituted administrative proceedings to prevent corporate hijackings. The SEC revoked the registration of Green Solutions China, Inc., Yarraman Winery, Inc. (n/k/a Global Beverages, Inc.;… Read More