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  • Regulation A+ Lawyers & Going Public

    Regulation A+ Lawyers & Going Public Attorneys

    Regulation A+ is designed to facilitate smaller companies’ access to capital by providing an alternative to direct public offerings/DPO’s and initial public offerings/IPO’s.  Regulation A+’s new rules provide investors with more investment choices and issuers with more capital raising options during their going public transactions.  Regulation A+ provides a workable alternative to an initial public offering/IPO by allowing companies to raise capital without… Read More

  • EB-Offerings - Going Public Attorneys

    Going Public Attorneys

    The going public attorneys at Hamilton & Associates Law Group have provided private companies with their going public solutions for more than ten years. We will design and implement the going public structure most beneficial to your company. We have represented more than 300 market participants in securities law matters and going public transactions.  Our experience includes direct public offerings… Read More

  • Direct Public Offering Attorneys

    Direct Public Offering Attorneys

    One of the most efficient ways to achieve public company status is by using a Direct Public Offering.  We will assist you with your Direct Public Offering using a registration statement. Direct Public Offerings can be structured a variety of ways.  A company can use a Form S-1 registration statement to register securities on its own behalf in an initial public offering,… Read More

  • Going Public Lawyer

    Registration Statement Lawyers

    The securities attorneys at Hamilton & Associates Law Group have provided many private companies with their going public solution.   The registration statement lawyers will design and implement the going public structure most beneficial to your company. Hamilton & Associates has represented more than 300 market participants in securities law matters and going public transactions. Private companies going public using an SEC… Read More

  • Reverse Merger Due Diligence Attorney

    Reverse Merger Attorneys

    Traditionally, private companies become publicly traded by registering an offering under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Reverse Mergers involve backdoor going public transactions that are often plagued with bad actors. Where public shell is used, reverse merger attorneys perform due diligence before completion of the going public transaction. Many reverse merger companies have dodgy histories and undisclosed liabilities… Read More

  • OTCQX Attorneys - Going Public Lawyers

    Going Public for Foreign Issuers

    Many foreign issuers seek to access the U.S. markets as part of their financing strategy.  Foreign issuers that do not wish to become subject to the SEC’s reporting requirements have a number of options in their going public and financing transactions.  These include private placements of debt securities and Rule 144A offerings. For foreign issuers that choose to go public in the… Read More

  • Accredited Crowdfunding Attorney

    Accredited Crowdfunding Attorneys

    Rule 506(c) under the JOBS Act fundamentally changes the way unregistered offerings may be conducted.  While the rule imposes stringent requirements, these requirements are manageable for issuers with effective compliance strategies into place. Because of the JOBS Act and new Rule 506(c) issuers are now able to use general solicitation and advertising in Rule 506(c) offerings so long as sales are only made… Read More

  • SEC Enforcement Attorney

    Securities & Forensic Attorneys

    Pump and dump schemes, false financial statements, Ponzi schemes and other types of white collar crimes cost investors billions of dollars each year.  Forensic Attorneys are private attorneys who investigate these types of white collar crime. White collar crimes are often facilitated through offshore banks and financial institutions.  These types of practices are the target of new civil and criminal rules that provide… Read More