Our Services

Hamilton & Associates Law Group represents issuers in going public, corporate finance and securities law matters.  The Firm’s experience includes representing issuers listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and OTC Markets in IPO’s, direct public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and other complect going public transactions.

The Firm assists issuers in all aspects of SEC compliance related to their transition from private to public company status and SEC disclosures, periodic and insider reports, registration statements, OTC Market’s reporting, proxy and information statements, private placement memorandums, and Rule 144 matters.

The firm’s clients include issuers, hedge funds, accredited and institutional investors, officers and directors of public and private companies and other market participants. The Firm’s experience includes private and publicly traded companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and OTC Markets with operations in more than 48 countries.

For more information, please visit www.Securitieslawyer101.com.