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Form D - Notice of Sales
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Whether or not a company is selling shares to accredited or non-accredited investors in its private placement offering under Regulation D, it must file a Form D – Notice of Sales with the Securities & Exchange Commission (the “SEC”).  Because a Form D must be filed through SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval Filer Management System (“EDGAR”), the issuer must obtain Edgar filer codes.

Obtaining Edgar Filer Codes

Edgar filer codes are obtained by filing a Form ID with the SEC.  Form ID requires very basic information about the issuer. The SEC requires that the Form ID be manually signed and notarized to ensure that an authorized signatory is submitting the form on the company’s behalf.  Permissible Form ID signatories include a company officer or director or an attorney acting pursuant to a power of attorney.

Form D Disclosures

The issuer should be prepared to provide the following information in its Form D :

● Name and Telephone Number
● Any Prior Names, Type of Corporate Entity, State and Year of Incorporation
● Principal Place of Business
● Related Persons (Officers, Directors and Promoters)
● Industry Group
● Issuer Size Based On Revenue Range or Net Asset Value Range
● Federal Exemption Claimed For the Offering
● Date of First Sale in the Offering
● Whether the Offering Will Last Longer Than A Year
● Type of Security Offered (Debt, Equity, Option Etc.)
● Whether the Offering Is Made In Connection With A Business Combination
● Minimum Investment Accepted
● Salespersons, CRD Number of Solicitor, Address and States of Solicitation
● Total Offering, Amount Sold on Form D filing date and the Amount Remaining to be Sold
● Number of Non-Accredited Investors
● Dollar Amount of Sales Compensation and Finder’s Fees
● Use of Proceeds & Amounts Used to Compensate Officers, Directors & Promoters

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