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Forensic AttorneysPump and dump schemes, false financial statements, Ponzi schemes and other types of white collar crimes cost investors billions of dollars each year.  Forensic Attorneys are private attorneys who investigate these types of white collar crime. White collar crimes are often facilitated through offshore banks and financial institutions.  These types of practices are the target of new civil and criminal rules that provide for bounties of between 10 and 30 percent of any recovery. Forensic Attorneys assist clients in applying for these bounties. New laws allow whistleblowers to remain anonymous.

For the accused, an effective defense strategy mandates the use of skilled forensic attorneys to identify and analyze sophisticated white collar crimes.  Since 2010, Hamilton & Associates Law Group has analyzed matters involving domestic and offshore brokerage firms, transfer agents, trading schemes, short sale transactions, corporate hijackings and wash trades involving hundreds of publicly traded companies.

Hamilton & Associates Law Group, P.A. and its founding Securities Lawyer, Brenda Hamilton, have assisted clients with forensic analysis of securities transactions including short sales, trading schemes, corporate hijackings involving public companies and stock ticker symbols, domestic and international money laundering matters, shell companies and reverse merger transactions.  The firm is recognized for its experience and skill in internal and corporate investigations involving microcap stocks and white collar crime.  Since 2010, the firm has participated in matters involving more than 200 publicly traded corporations with investor losses exceeding an estimated $1,000,000,000.  These matters have spanned more than 8 countries.

Our Philosophy

We specialize and focus on the identification and analysis of white collar criminal activity focusing on the securities, healthcare and banking industries. For our defense clients, our goal is to mitigate their exposure and liability by identifying and analyzing relevant data and formulating defenses frequently overlooked by defense attorneys and traditional legal analysis.  We maximize recovery for our clients using state and federal bounty programs and private actions using plaintiff’s law firms specializing in investor recovery & class action litigation.

Our Clients

Our clients include public companies, their shareholders, management & other securities professionals as well as defendants in civil and criminal actions & attorneys who require forensic analysis of complex transactions involving securities crimes domestically and internationally, embezzlement, fraud and corporate identity theft.

Our Techniques

We use unique methods of forensic analysis to identify white collar criminal activity domestically and internationally.  We have developed unique methods of forensic analysis that enable us to effectively identify & analyze white collar criminal activity which previously would have taken months or even years to identify and analyze.  Our analysis involves a comprehensive review of hard-copy and electronic data including financial statements, EDGAR filings, banking records, investor relations materials & trading activity, contracts, invoices and other documents.  The data is summarized into reports which are used to support defenses, causes of action, whistleblower claims, investor loss analysis as well as damage and business exposure analyses.

Our Process

We use our own non-traditional techniques to identify patterns and variables present in securities frauds and other white collar criminal activity which enables us to analyze financial crimes spanning multiple industries and countries.  We assist in the creation of analytical summaries and reports from financial statements, EDGAR filings, brokerage account statements, contracts, invoices, bank statements and other documents to identify and support potential defenses, private causes of action as well as damage and business exposure analysis.  With this information we develop strategies unique to the specifics of each engagement.  Using our own methods, we define the engagement objectives, scope the effort, gather the data, analyze it and report on findings to our clients.

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