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The going public attorneys at Hamilton & Associates have represented issuers seeking to direct public offerings, secondary offerings and initial public offerings.  The firm has represented more than 300 corporate entities and market participants in securities and corporate finance matters.

The firm’s founder, securities lawyer Brenda Hamilton, is recognized for her experience in forensic analysis of securities transactions involving trading activity, reverse mergers, short sales and securities transfers.

Ms. Hamilton has analyzed hundreds of public companies and was one of the first forensic attorneys to identify corporate hijackings in the microcap markets.  She is often consulted as an expert in domestic and international securities law matters and money laundering activity.  Ms. Hamilton is frequently interviewed by local and national media on securities law topics including securities fraud and going public transactions.

The firm’s notable representations include:

Notable Representation

  • Multiple domestic and international  issuers in connection with registration statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and subsequent SEC reports and filings;
  • Multiple domestic  and international issuers in connection with Form 211 and ticker symbol assignments from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”);
  • Multiple issuers in Regulation D, Rule 506 and 504 offerings;
  • Multiple issuers in crowdfunding matters;
  • Domestic manufacturer of customized armor solutions for tactical and non-tactical transport vehicles, and construction equipment used by the military in connection with its private placement, and registration statement filed with the SEC;
  • Multiple market makers in connection with issuer disclosure and going public transactions;
  • Multiple international and domestic gold, silver and copper mining companies in connection with their private and public offerings, SEC filings and reports, registration statements, corporate matters and going public transactions;
  • Funding portal registration with FINRA;
  • Prescription drug manufacturer in connection with its private offering and its registration statement filed with the SEC;
  • International hotel and entertainment center in connection with a registration statement filed with the SEC;
  • Israeli telecommunications provider in connection with a registration statement filed with the SEC;
  • Assisted a Greece based entity in its cross border purchase of securities;
  • Application of a Chinese manufacturer for quotation filed with the FINRA;
  • Alternative fuel company in connection with its registration statement with the SEC;
  • Central American Mining company listing application for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange;
  • Listing of an oil and gas company in connection with listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange;
  • A European Alternative Energy Company in connection with a NYSE stock exchange listing;
  • Russian manufacturer of consumer products in connection with its filing of a registration statement with the SEC and subsequent SEC reports and filings;
  • Corporate internal investigation after  numerous corporate hijackings which resulted in removal of the Board of Directors and shareholders regaining control of the issuer;
  • Controlling shareholders in a dispute involving the hijacking of multiple publicly traded companies, and/or ticker symbols which resulted in removal of the Board of Directors and legitimate shareholders regaining control of the corporate entity;
  • Officer of public company in matter against an issuer, securities attorney and other securities professionals, based on firm involvement in an estimated $40,000,000 securities fraud based upon fraudulent financial statement entries;
  • A shareholder in a matter involving an Issuer and other securities professional involving an estimated $32,000,000 securities fraud based upon non-disclosure of related party and unregistered securities violations;
  • An entity in a matter involving an estimated $4,000,000 securities fraud based upon an alleged corporate hijacking by a transfer agent and its attorney;
  • An individual in a Dodd Frank matter involving an issuer that inflated its stock price by touting fake treatments for diseases including diabetes, cancer and the HIV virus;
  • An individual in a Dodd Frank matter involving a fraudulent reverse merger transaction which resulted in the loss of his patent and other intellectual property as well as assisted litigation counsel;
  • Representation of an individual in a matter involving criminal and civil referrals under the Dodd Frank Act of multiple attorneys and other individuals, who allegedly established a fictitious law firm to render more than 100 forged legal opinions for publicly traded companies; and
  • An issuer, in an internal investigation after a corporate hijacking, criminal and SEC investigations, and related civil litigation. As part of the investigation, securities lawyer, Brenda Hamilton reviewed thousands of documents and emails and interviewed witnesses.

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