Regulation A Testing the Waters

When dealing with potential investors, Regulation A Issuers may test the waters when implementing solicitation materials before AND after the Form 1-A  offering statement is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) subject to issuer compliance within… Read More

Blue Sky Laws Impact Secondary Trading and Resales in Regulation A Offerings?

State Blue Sky laws apply to Regulation A Offerings for both the offer and sale of securities by the issuer and the resale by investors.  A sometimes overlooked consideration in  Regulation A+ offerings is how these State Blue… Read More

Filing a Form S-1 Registration Statement? Going Public Lawyers

Securities Lawyer 101 Blog A registration statement on Form S-1 can be used to register various types of securities offerings and transactions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).   Form S-1 provides issuers with flexibility in the types of securities that can be… Read More

Going Public With A DPO – Going Public Securities Attorneys

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to achieve public company status is by using a Direct Public Offering.  The Direct Public Offering Attorneys at Hamilton & Associates will assist you with your Direct Public Offering… Read More

Going Public Attorneys & Drafting Disclosures

A going public attorney is one of the most important participants in the going public process.  The going public attorneys at Hamilton & Associates Law Group have provided private companies with their going public solutions for over ten years. A skilled going public attorney can design… Read More

Going Public Lawyer- DPO Attorney- Brenda Hamilton

Going public transactions can be structured numerous ways. The going public process is a complicated & intricate procedure, and it is important to have an experienced securities attorney to help your company navigate through the process and deal with the Securities… Read More

SEC Inquiries and Investigations

The SEC’s Enforcement Division conducts investigations pursuant to formal Orders of Investigation that authorize the staff of the Enforcement Division to seek the production of relevant information, either in the form of documents or witness testimony.  Although the SEC… Read More

What is a Going Public Lawyer?

The role of the Going Public Lawyer is one of the most important in the going public process.  The Going Public Lawyers at Hamilton & Associates Law Group have provided private companies with their going public ons for over… Read More

The Going Public Lawyer’s Dictionary

The Going Public Lawyer’s Dictionary was created to assist companies to become familiar with certain terms they will encounter during their going public transaction.  It is crucial that you understand and can speak the going public lingo!

Overview of Disclosures Drafted by a Going Public Lawyer

Private companies seeking public company status should weigh the benefits and risks before going public. The right going public attorney can help you weigh these risks and avoid many of the pitfalls surrounding going public transactions.  A going… Read More