Michigan Embraces Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for Michigan

Posted by Brenda Hamilton, Securities and Going Public Lawyer

Michigan recently made a move to assist Michigan small businesses with their investment  crowdfunding endeavors. Michigan became the first state to establish an intrastate market where broker-dealers can sell securities of Michigan-based companies using crowdfunding.  The signing of House Bill 5273 by Michigan’s preexisting intrastate exemption from securities registration known as the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (“MILE Act”), allows Michigan businesses to raise capital using the Internet and/or though general solicitation by selling the exempt securities within a newly-created alternative intrastate market.

In order to offer and sell securities in reliance on the new exemption provided by House Bill 5273, certain requirements must be met. This includes the requirement that a “Michigan Investment Market” facilitate the sale of exempt securities on behalf of the issuer.  Michigan Investment Markets are permitted to charge fees of up to 5% of the transaction’s value.

A broker-dealer who desires to be a Michigan Investment Market must register with the state of Michigan. This requires that the broker-dealer submit an application, consent to service of process, pay required fees, and provide other information.  Each application is subject to a sixty-day public comment period.  At the end of the comment period, the state may approve, limit, or deny the Michigan Investment Market’s registration.

Once a broker-dealer is approved to be a Michigan Investment Market they must comply with ongoing requirements. These include that the Michigan Investment Market be a Michigan resident and only conduct business in Michigan.

Each Michigan Investment Market is required to maintain detailed information of all transactions for at least seven years. Additionally, before any secondary offer, sale, purchase or trade of the crowdfunded securities, certain information about the company’s management and financial condition must be provided to investors within a reasonable amount of time prior to the investment.

Other states have passed legislations requiring registration of website operators and  crowdfunding portals.  For example, the Texas intrastate crowdfunding exemption requires that offers and sales be made exclusively through an Internet website operated by a Texas registered general dealer or Texas registered crowdfunding portal.  Michigan is the first to create an intrastate market for broker dealers.

Michigan’s new legislation demonstrates the consistent efforts by the states to stimulate capital for small businesses.  Presently at least fourteen states have passed intrastate crowdfunding and many states have proposals pending.

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