How Does Offering Integration Impact Reg A Offerings?

Regulation A Offering Integration

Offering integration can become a problem for some issuers conducting  Regulation A+ (also known as Reg A) offerings.  The Reg A offering integration rules prevent companies from improperly avoiding SEC registration by dividing a single securities offering into multiple securities offerings to take advantage of Securities Act exemptions that would not be available for the combined offering.

A  Reg A + offering will not be integrated with any preceding securities offers or sales.  Additionally, securities offers or sales that take place after a Regulation A+ offering will not be integrated with other securities offerings that:

  • Are registered pursuant to Securities Act, unless the abandoned Regulation A + offering provisions are applicable,
  • conducted pursuant to Rule 701 of the Securities Act;
  • conducted pursuant to employee benefit plans;
  • conducted pursuant to Regulation S of the Securities Act;
  • conducted pursuant to Regulation Crowdfunding aka Regulation CF; or
  • conducted more than six months after the completion of the Regulation A + offering.

If no safe harbor is available, integration will depend upon the particular facts and circumstances of the particular offering.  Reg A +’s adopting release states that a Reg A offering should not be integrated with another exempt offering if each of the offerings complies with the requirements of its exemption.

Issuers simultaneously conducting a Reg A+ offering and an exempt offering where general solicitation is not permitted such as in a Regulation D Rule 506(b) offering must ensure that investors in the exempt offering were not solicited through the Reg A offering. This includes any testing the waters communications made pursuant to Reg A +.

Similarly, an issuer using general solicitation and/or advertising in a Rule 506(c) offering simultaneously with a Reg A offering should not advertise the Reg A offering in its Rule 506(c) offering materials, unless the advertisement complies with Reg A’s requirements.

For general information about integration of offerings, see “Will My Offerings Be Integrated?”

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